Microsoft Azure – Redis

Microsoft have implemented the open-sourced Redis key-cache and store in Azure.

Similar to have there are “Basic” and “Standard” levels of Virtual Machines, with associated redundancy, with Redis there are the same options available:

  • Basic – Single node
  • Standard – 2 node (in a primary/secondary setup), with built in replication and automatic failover

Redis Cache Azure Portal

Basic is ideal for development and non business critical (no SLA), whereas Standard is best for business critical systems (with a 99.9% SLA – 1 minute downtime per day)

Cache sizes range from 250mb through to 53GB. Prices range from £11 a month (250mb on Basic) to a huge £995 a month (53GB on Standard).

I’ve been using Redis on Azure for a good month or two now (started when it was in Preview before general release availability), speeds and reliability is impressive, with all requests taking less than 10ms. (only exception being GET * which returns all keys and takes about 50ms).


There are only a few changes which I would like to see:

  • Ability to manage via current management portal (only available on beta portal)
  • Ability to upgrade/downgrade packages on the fly (need to delete and recreate from scratch)
  • Improved statistics (although I currently use Redsmin)
  • Improved SLA for standard package

I thought about writing a guide, but Microsoft have a very good guide on their website about how to setup and use their Redis cache here: How to use Redis Cache in Azure

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