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Spam Spam Spam

Spam is a wonderful thing, clogging up your inbox with viagra adverts, fake invoices (containing viruses, worms and other nasties). I love receiving spam, it makes me feel popular . I like many others get annoyed at the level of spam I receive no a day-to-day basis. Owning my own domain name is quite a good thing, as it allows you to see where the spam comes from and block at source.

Each company who I provide an email address to, gets a completely different email address. That way I can filter these out once I get annoyed at the level of spam.

For example: @JRevell.com

Quite recently, I’ve been receiving an insane number of spam emails from quite a few large companies, including:

  • ASDA
  • Doncaster Racecourse
  • Groupon (Although they may have shared my email with someone I bought from)
  • PayPal (Again may have shared my email with someone I bought from)
  • Monster
  • Abbey National

As an IT Professional, I’ve even tried to contacting one of the above to advise them that somewhere they have a virus infection which keeps hammering out emails to me (reverse lookup on the IP address from the headers clearly identified it as their head office). To which I was pushed off as some insane person who receives too much spam and wanted someone to blame…

That company then instantly got added to my blacklist I will not do my online shopping through them ever again.

Good thing is, if you don’t own your own domain, there’s services out there which will do this for you, such as Spam Gourmet.

In due course, I’ll be moving my email in order to give me more storage and better spam filtering (don’t get any at present). Have a few options but still weighing it up:

I’m leaning more towards GMail at the minute, as this way I don’t have to manage anything myself nor install updates or hotfixes etc. Plus it will integrate more with my Android mobile phone, but time will tell. I’m in no rush at the minute.