Azure AD Connect – Force Sync Via Command Line

Azure AD connect is a new tool which replaces DirSync for syncing Active Directory information to Azure from the local active directory.

Synchronisation automatically works in the background, but sometimes you want to push through a synchronisation for some reason or another (rather than waiting for the next time it runs). This can be done by running the following 2 commands from the C:Program FilesMicrosoft Azure AD Syncbin directory:

DirectorySyncClientCmd.exe initial
DirectorySyncClientCmd.exe delta
  • initial – this forces a full sync
  • delta – this forces a delta sync

Azure AD Connect Command Line

Status can be checked by running “Synchronisation Service” and checking the log. In the example below, 452 entries where unchanged and 1 was deleted as part of the forced sync.
Azure AD Connect Synronisation Service Log

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