Access Microsoft Dynamics Nav 2013 R2 From Windows 10, Not on Domain

Edit: The following updated blog post has a better method for achieving this: Run Programs as a Domain user from a none Domain account.

With Microsoft Dynamics Nav 2013R2, Microsoft recommend using a “Pro” version of windows which is registered on an Active Directory domain.

If you are using a “Home” version of windows, when you try to access Nav via the RTC (Role Tailored Client), you get the following error:

You do not have access to Microsoft Dynamics NAV.
Verify that you have been set up as a valid user in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Unfortunately “Home” versions of Windows cannot be registered on a domain (Only Pro and above can be). This error occurs because Nav is trying to use the local credentials from the machine across the domain, which will obviously fail.

In order to solve this issue, edit the following file:

%appdata%\Microsoft\Microsoft Dynamics NAV\71\ClientUserSettings.config

Amend the following line:

<add key="ClientServicesCredentialType" value="Windows" />

To the following:

<add key="ClientServicesCredentialType" value="UserName" />

This then will prompt the following credential prompt – once the correct credentials have been provided, you will be able to access Nav from your “Home” edition of windows.

Prompting for Credentials

In order to access Nav via the Development Environment, the answer is quite simple… Just use the Database Server Authentication:

Development Environment Authentication

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