Joys of Telesales

I’m starting to get a bit fed up of all the telesales calls which I get at work. There’s only so many companies which can bid for landlines/mobile phones/stationary/printer ink etc. All are very similar in price and although may save you 10p on your monthly line rental.. Is it worth it for your time spent messing about? Usually not!

For the usual telesales calls, I usually tell the truth and say that we get everything through the sister company, on some occasions be blunt and say that I’m not interested – but usually they ring back up a month later trying to get your business..!

On odd occasions I use the following Anti Telesales / Telemarketing script and see how far I can get. Using the script, strangely I rarely ever get them ringing back. The furthest I’ve ever got is asking about the toothpaste they use, but on most occasions after a few questions the person on the other end gets the picture and makes a note never to ring you again.

I’m not the original author of this document, not sure who the original author is.

EDIT: Here’s the original author.

Telesales Counter Script

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