Gousto Meal Box – £25 off First Box

A few weeks ago I visited a country fair and got talking to a rep from Gousto. Having taken up his time, I signed up for a reduced rate trial of their boxes…

The idea behind the boxes are to have fresh “meals” delivered to your door, (well the ingredients, ready for you to make at home), each containing an exact amount of food required to create a meal. For example if the recipe requires 10g of Ginger, then you receive exactly 10g of ginger.

The meals had good instructios to follow and only took 20-40 minutes to cook.

For my first box, we had:

  • Chicken Teriyaki with Sugar Snap Peas
  • Cheesy Baked Fish with Courgette Salad
  • Mexican Pork & Black Bean Rice

Overall I was very impressed with the first box I received. Inside the box, the perishables where stored in a biodegradable bag, complete with ice blocks to keep them cool. The meals are different to what I would normally eat, but this is good in a way as it’s exploring new meals and opening my mind to new dishes.

With the discount code JONAT161748, you can receive a £25 discount off your first box and give it a go..!

£25 off first Gousto box

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